How to object to the proposed Portland Waste Incinerator:

1. File an objection

When the planning application for the proposed waste incinerator at Portland Harbour is submitted it is crucial that as many objections as possible are submitted to the council.

Here’s our guide to submitting an objection to Dorset Council.

 Or you can go the STOP! Portland Waste Incinerator website here.

2. Email the MP for South Dorset, Richard Drax

If you’re one of his constituents you can contact Richard Drax MP, giving your reasons for objecting to the proposed waste incinerator. You can reach him at this address:

3. Lobby Dorset Council to reclassify waste incinerators as non-sustainable

“Sustainable Investment Funds ” have become big business in the financial market, as many individuals and financial organisations, like Pension Funds, are choosing to move their investments to these more ethical-sounding alternatives. However, to take advantage of this lucrative market, some less scrupulous companies are advertising their investment products as “green” or “sustainable” when they’re not. This practice is commonly referred to as greenwashing

After a long period of research, The EU have defined a set of Taxonomy (classification) rules that will help investors distinguish between “green/sustainable ” and “non green” products. These rules are aligned with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. 

The EU have categorised Waste Incineration as outside their Taxonomy, as it doesn’t pass their “green” tests. As a result waste incineration products cannot be advertised or sold as “sustainable” activities within the EU. 

Dorset Council has declared a climate emergency and two of our local councillors (Rob Hughes and Paul Kimber) are on “The Climate Change and Ecological Emergency Executive Advisory Panel”.

This panel is due to recommence its duties soon, so write to these councillors and ask them to comment on the EU’s new regulations and ask them when Dorset will be adopting a similar position on waste incineration. 


Cllr. Ray Bryan –

Cllr. Kelvin Clayton –

Cllr. Rob Hughes – 

Cllr. Paul Kimber –

Cllr. Belinda Ridout –

Cllr. Maria Roe – 

Cllr. Jane Somper – 

Cllr. David Tooke – 

Cllr. Daryl Turner –

Cllr. Peter Wharf – 

Ask them their opinion on: 

1. the EU’s decisions to exclude Waste Incineration from their list of “green/sustainable” activities 

2. whether Dorset will be following suit, and if so, when, and if not, why? 

The same questions should be raised with our MP, with the additional question of what stance the UK Government will be taking regarding the EU’s position on excluding Waste Incineration from its Taxonomy.  You can contact Richard Drax at this email address: